Volkswagen Refinish Procedures for Clearcoat Application

Applicable to All Volkswagen Models

Volkswagen continually enhances vehicle styling which includes precise aerodynamic designs and the highest quality paintwork. In order to maintaining these factory engineered standards, Volkswagen is providing collision repair centers with critical information pertaining to collision repair/parts replacement on Volkswagen vehicles.

“Solvent blending” is a method that in the past was commonly used to blend within an exterior body panel. This type of repair procedure cannot be used on the OEM applied finishes on vehicles today. The reason is simple; the bond between the OEM finish and the newly applied refinish paint cannot “blend” or “melt” into one another.

Additionally, the following problems are directly related to “solvent blending”:

  • Lack of adhesion and/or delamination of the OEM finish and the refinish coating.
  • Visible paint lines and defects are caused by polishing, buffing, or detailing a thin “solvent blended” area.
  • “Solvent blending” products are not recommended or guaranteed by the paint companies that manufacture them. For a paint manufacturer guarantee, clearcoat must always be sprayed to the edge of the panel.
  • “Solvent blending” products are volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Many states have established regulations prohibiting the use of VOCs.

NOTE: “Solvent blending” is not an acceptable method of repair on any Volkswagen vehicle.

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