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SCRS Education Committee Presents – MIG Welding Part 1 of 3 : Equipment and Power

Carbon Fiber reinforced Aluminum

New Carbon Fiber reinforced Aluminum on new BMW 7 series will make for some repairability challenges.

SCRS Education Committee Video on Adhesives

During the Society of Collision Repair Specialists’ (SCRS) open board meeting in Palm Springs, California, SCRS launched the first of a series of its Education Committee videos that will be released throughout 2017.

The video, filmed in October at the SEMA Garage in Diamond Bar, California highlights a discussion panel on the adhesive joining technology in modern vehicles and considerations collision repair facilities should be aware of when approaching damage repair in the aftermarket. The video features SCRS Board members Kye Yeung (European Motor Car Works), Michael Bradshaw (K&M Collision), Tim Ronak (AkzoNobel Automotive and Aerospace Coatings), and Education Committee member and industry trainer Toby Chess (Kent Automotive.)

SCRS Kool Tools from 2015 SEMA Show

For the third consecutive year, the SCRS Education Committee, let by SCRS Vice Chairman Kye Yeung and Committee Member Toby Chess have presented on unique tools and products found at the SEMA Show 2015. The presentation, delivered during the association’s January open board meeting in Palm Springs, CA, highlights a number of innovative solutions available to the industry; many which are relatively inexpensive and can make a big impact on repair process and work environment for the technicians.

Ditch The Dust Mask: Respiratory Protection For Body And Frame Technicians

In this episode of Repair University we are joined by Bob Medved from SP/2 as he explains the levels of respiratory protection and the requirements of shop owners. Understand the facts. We all know about using the right breathing protection when working in the paint booth. Did you know that body and frame technicians are subject to some of the same exposures when sanding or grinding? From

SCRS Education Committee Video: Cool Tools For Today’s Vehicles

Be sure to view the “Kool Tools” and unique products for collision repair businesses presentation (PDF). There are a lot of really innovative products available to this industry that fill very specific needs and tasks. Many of them are relatively inexpensive, but can make a big impact on the repair process and the work environment for the technicians. It’s important to note that none of the products listed are endorsed, or even tested by SCRS, simply recognition that they are interesting offerings to an industry that is constantly evolving.

SCRS Education Committee Video: Exploration of Aluminum Repair Techniques

Proper Parts Affect Vehicle Safety

This is a fantastic video from Honda explaining the importance of vehicle design and the role that parts play in safety. So, can a body part – like a fender, hood or bumper – affect a vehicle safety system performance? Watch the video and find out!

New Anti-Steering Video

Pack Brothers Collision Center of Belmont, N.C., and Collision Safety Consultants have released a new anti-steering video that they hope will reinforce to consumers the message that, “It’s your car, it’s your choice.”

CIECAst May 14, 2013 Presentation: Inside Recycled Parts & Inventory

SCRS Training Video: Full Frame Replacement Presented by the SCRS Education Committee.

During the January 2013 Society Of Collision Repair Specialist (SCRS) board meeting the Education Committee, featuring Toby Chess presented training on the evolution of full frame vehicles and the requirements of full frame replacement.
Toby Chess covers the included and not included items to consider when completing an estimate for full frame replacement in Mitchell, Audatex and CCC One.

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SCRS Training Video: Windshield Installation and Safety Concerns.

The Education Committee of the Society of Collision Repair Specialist, SCRS, presented a special session from the 2012 SEMA show floor on opening day. Toby Chess explained the role of glass as a structural and safety component in today’s vehicles. In addition the SCRS Education Committee Members and shop owners discuss the safe replacement or installation procedures, tools and requirements from today’s OEM’s.

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Chrysler Weld Bond Process: Doug Craig from Chrysler talks about the weld bond process during SEMA 2012.

Did you know that their position on weld bond and MIG welding is retroactive on ALL models, and not just current models on up? “If the shop does not have the equipment, that is not an excuse not to do it the right way. Everyone needs to get the right equipment nowadays. It’s not just our product, it’s all vehicles that are new that have a tremendous amount of this steel in them.”

State Farm® Hi-Tech Toolbox™ Video Series

State Farm® Hi-Tech Toolbox™ Tips and Techniques Video Series

New Zealand Repair Pros Evaluate PartsTrader: At SEMA 2012, SCRS flew in speakers from Australia, New Zealand and Canada to specifically address how insurer mandated parts programs have impacted their global marketplaces.

Rex Crowther, editor of New Zealand-based PanelTalk, and David Newton-Ross, editor of The NZ Collision Repairer, discuss PartsTrader’s impact on the New Zealand repair industry, and predictions for how the program will affect U.S. repairers.

NHTSA Test Video of Counterfeit Air Bags – September 12, 2012: For anyone looking to demonstrate to a consumer the difference between how an OEM airbag and a counterfeit airbag perform, here is the NHTSA test video.

Maryland Shop Does Detailed Post-Repair Inspection: A very detailed video from a MD shop going over a post repair inspection. Mark’s Body Shop, 4025 Mortimer Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215. 410-358-5155.

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SCRS Presents: Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding How and Why Presented by the Society of Collision Repair Specialist. From the July SCRS open board meeting, I-CAR Instructor Toby Chess ( WE51S ) reviews the reasons why Squeeze Resistance Spot Welding is on the rise and the requirements, beyond equipment purchase, a collision repairer needs to consider.  Video produced by


SCRS Presents: Blueprinting Tools for Collision Estimating During their July open board meeting I-CAR Instructor and contributing author, Toby Chess presented an overview of the new Matrix Wand Blueprinting Tool. Learn how photographs can help you identify and estimate damage to todays vehicles in under 30 min as compared to full set-up and measure times on a 3D measuring system.

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I-CAR Video Details Professional Development Program I-CAR, the leading collision repair training provider, now has a video available to describe it’s role-based training program, the I-CAR Professional Development Program (PDP). The PDP video explains the “ins-and-outs” of how to achieve the industry-recognized Gold Class Professionals and Platinum Individual designations. For more information visit