State Farm Emails Repair Facilities About Parts Procurement Program

SCRS Members,

This email went out from State Farm this morning in areas participating in the market areas where State Farm was piloting their PartsTrader program:

Your participation and feedback throughout the pilot has been valuable and we appreciate your contributions to the development of this program. We are aware that implementing new processes or workflows like this represents change for you and we appreciate your business relationship with State Farm.

As a part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with information about the Select Service® program, I would like to inform you about our plans to roll out electronic parts ordering to Select Service repairers. The initial phase will include major metropolitan areas in Ariz., Colo., N.M., and Texas. Rollout will start in May and continue into 2014.

An application change that may impact some of your suppliers relates to the elimination of the fax-only option. This will be effective when the initial markets go live in August. If any of your suppliers are participating as fax-only, we recommend you contact them about participating.

As one of the pilot market areas, your continued use of the application remains a requirement under provision 4.f. of the Select Service agreement.

For more information regarding the PartsTrader application, please visit their website at: (

A version that didn’t include the application change to eliminate the fax-only option went to other Select Service repair facilities around the country.

To be clear, PartsTrader offered a “fax-only” option. State Farm, not PartsTrader, is now advising that suppliers and shops are not allowed to use that option presented by the technology company offering the service. Did State Farm just change the rules of the program? State Farm has said all along that you can use any supplier you want; but based on their decision above, is this an indication that they can change their mind at a future date and instruct both what system to use, and how they expect you to use it?

Respectfully submitted,

Aaron Schulenburg
SCRS Executive Director

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