SCRS Welcomes Michigan Association as Newest Affiliate

From CollisionWeek ©2012

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) announced the addition of its newest Affiliate Association member, the Northern Michigan Body Shop Association (NMBSA).

Founded in 2008, the NMBSA’s primary membership is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the northern tip of the state’s Lower Peninsula, although as it has grown its reach has begun to extend into other areas in the state.

“When we first formed, a lot of shops in our area felt they were losing control over their businesses due primarily to insurance influence,” stated Sue Allor, a founding member of NMBSA who now serves as the association’s secretary. “I felt strongly, as did many others, that we had to educate ourselves to succeed in the face of our challenges-to find out what tools and processes would help us operate better; to hear what our peers had gone through and how they had met and overcome difficulties; and most importantly to become aware of our rights and protections under the law, and understand that the customer is the vehicle owner, not the insurer.”

“The first thing that impressed us was the letters they had written to the paint manufacturers to clarify final sand and polish procedures,” Allor added. “Defining these procedures had been a constant source of friction between shops and insurers, and the fact that SCRS got responses from the manufacturers documenting what body shops needed to achieve a high quality finish was impressive. When you added that to SCRS’ other achievements, like the Guide to Complete Repair Planning, it became clear it was an organization that had body shops’ best interests at heart and worked hard on their behalf. Being part of a national organization that brought that kind of value to repairers had a lot of appeal, so affiliation seemed a natural step forward for us.”

The SCRS now includes a total of 39 affiliate associations including the Georgia Collision Industry Association.

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