SCRS Launches Repairer Driven News Website

Last week SCRS announced at CIC that we have worked on developing a news and information source for the industry that is focused on providing content from a vantage point catered to those in the collision repair business. You can find the site at

The headline selection will be based on putting relevant information in the hands of repairers, and it is our goal to provide fresh perspective on issues and topics that matter. A well-informed industry is a more viable industry, and we want to empower those in our trade through better awareness. It is our hope that you view this as YOUR resource to help broaden awareness of things you are working on, or that may be happening at a local level that should be seen nationally.

If there is activity or news in your marketplace that need to be reported on, we want you to reach out to our Editorial Content Director, John Huetter, at Think about memos released to the marketplace, regulatory or legislative initiatives (both from you, or from the opposition), documented trends in settlement practices, etc. We want to be timely and responsive in getting information in the hands of the industry, and are really excited about the potential we have to focus attention on news and stories that matter.

There are a couple of ways that you can make sure you stay on top of the headlines and analysis:

  • Sign up for our daily, weekly, or monthly email newsletter by visiting Put your email address in the subscribe field at the very bottom of the page.
  • Follow us on Twitter (@repairerdriven).
  • Like us on Facebook. (Also a good place to comment on the news of the day).
  • Follow us on Google+.

Also, there is a new iPhone app coming very soon, allowing alerts of stories as they happen. Stay tuned, and tell all your friends and associates about it!

Aaron Schulenburg
Executive Director | Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS)

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