SCRS Launches 2013 Consumer Focused Calendar

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) is pleased to announce the launch of a consumer oriented 2013 Calendar Program in partnership with TELDON marketing.

Personalized with your shop’s name and contact information, the SCRS custom calendar easily and effectively promotes your business all year round. And with the SCRS branding behind you, your customers will know that you’re a trusted repair facility that has their best interests in mind. In addition to the top-of-mind presence your brand will receive throughout the year, the calendar will include monthly tips to help collision repair consumers better understand the collision repair process, their rights, and the right questions to ask before they are involved in the process. SCRS will be announcing details shortly of how your shop can participate in a contest seeking submission for the best consumer tips to be considered for inclusion.

Highlights of the calendar include:

  • Driving Across America theme and imagery – remind customers that no matter where they are, they will find an SCRS repair facility to keep their travels safe
  • Helpful tips on each month – car owners will recognize you as a source of information and an expert in your field, so they’ll keep coming back to you for the best service and advice
  • Tamper-proof imprint area – your contact information is showcased every day in the center of the open calendar, and cannot be removed like it can be on a bottom-flap calendar
  • Low-cost per impression – at only $1.99 each, you get your shop name in front of your customers, multiple times a day, for a full year
  • FREE personalization set-up, color imprinting, and shipping – promoting yourself in a professional manner doesn’t have to cost a lot!

For more information about the 2013 SCRS Calendar Program, please click here.

To order, call Teldon toll-free at 1-877-544-4575, and use personalized SCRS calendars to remind customers all through 2013 that you’re a repair specialist they can rely on.

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