SCRS Arranges Free Offers with Estimate Review Service

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The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) and technology partner announced two newly added benefits for repairers utilizing the free online resource which is powered by SCRS Guide to Complete Repair Planning.

Repair Facilities utilizing the service will now benefit from the inclusion of a free PMCLogic Paint and Materials Estimate Invoice in the SCRS Complete Repair Planning Guide Scrubber module of Additionally, repair facility users can receive one free label order from Auto Data Labels (1 per repair facility) which carries a retail value of up to $100.00.

“We are very excited to be working with ComputerLogic and Auto Data Labels to expand the usefulness of the SCRS scrubbing module of,” said Steven Siessman, President of “Now, besides receiving the benefit of the estimate scrubbing software which can bring additional revenue into the repair facility and help to maintain consistency in estimating practices, repairers can also receive some very valuable additional services from both of these service providers.”

“PMCLogic is a management tool designed to calculate the amount of paint and materials used to repair and refinish a vehicle. Collision repairer facilities can receive their FREE PMCLogic Paint and Materials Estimate Invoice directly from ComputerLogic by forwarding an estimate from the SCRS Complete Repair Planning Guide Scrubber module of to ComputerLogic for analysis. The free paint and materials estimate and invoice will be generated and emailed directly to the collision repair facility from ComputerLogic,” said Richard Palmer, President of ComputerLogic.

Auto Data Labels is a manufacturer and distributor of replacement vehicle information labels, including underhood labels, federal safety certification labels, replacement VIN decals, tire pressure labels and warning labels. Collision repair facilities can receive their free label order directly from Auto Data Labels by completing an on-line order form from the SCRS Complete Repair Planning Guide Scrubber module of

“It is exciting for us to watch repairers’ use of this product grow, while companies such as Auto Data Labels and ComputerLogic work with us to create an growing value proposition for our end-users,” said SCRS Chairman Aaron Clark. “The concept behind this guide all along was to be a ‘living document’ that grew, and I think that the addition of these two free product offerings takes that to a whole new level. We have more development with this product underway, and certainly look forward to continuing to share the adaptations with the industry as they become available.”

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