SCRS Announces 40th Affiliate Association

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The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) announced that it has enrolled its 40th state or regional organization as an Affiliate Association of SCRS. The Utah Auto Body Association, the first statewide collision repair association in Utah’s history, is now an affiliate of SCRS.

“There’s been a growing interest in forming an association in our state for some time, given the rapid changes our industry is experiencing,” explained Chairman Bob Torrey, who was part of the organizing group forming the association. “Our belief is we will be better equipped to handle the challenges facing us if we are united in our efforts and communicate well with each other. With the help of Janet Chaney of the CARS Cooperative, who was instrumental in helping us see the advantages of coming together and how to do it effectively, we’ve began making rapid progress toward this goal.”

“Our initial emphasis is seeking out quality training and education for our members,” said Torrey. “We are also committed to working effectively with the state legislature to ensure the interests of our industry are well-represented.”

The association’s November membership meeting examined the potential impact on collision repairers of recently enacted laws pertaining to air quality standards and featured a Utah legislator as their guest speaker.

SCRS Executive Director Aaron Schulenburg said, “The boundless energy and enthusiasm of the Utah Auto Body Association will pay great dividends for the repairers in Utah who will benefit from having a united statewide voice for the first time. We couldn’t be more proud to mark the monumental occasion of welcoming a 40th Affiliate Association, than we are with the addition of these passionate representatives from Utah.

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