SCRA GCIA 2013 Consumer Calendar Program

A message from Aaron Schulenburg
Executive Director, Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS)

Good morning!

I hope that as SCRS Affiliate associations that many of you may have considered how you could co-brand your association to future or existing members by using the SCRS 2013 consumer tip calendar. The production company is taking orders through next week, and I want to encourage you all to take advantage of this great product that came from much of our collaborative discussions. If you want to order, please visit

The types of consumer messaging include tips such as:

  1. Many people begin their auto insurance policy search looking for the least expensive policy they can buy. A cheaper policy may cost less in premiums, but can cost you more overall if the insurer low-balls estimates, won’t work with your repair shop or forces you to pay extra for genuine manufacturer parts or manufacturer approved repair processes. Ask about policy coverage prior to purchase to find the protection you want at a price you’re willing to pay.
  2. Insurance companies are not supposed to force you to use any particular repair shop, but your insurer might push you to use shops in their direct-repair program (DRP). Being on a DRP, doesn’t necessarily mean a shop is good or bad, but studies have shown that customer satisfaction with repairs was significantly lower among those who felt pressured to use the insurer’s preferred shop, rather than a repair facility of their own choice. Do research before you need to have your vehicle repaired, take the advice of friends and family, look at online reviews and find a repair facility you can trust. It’s your car, and it is always your choice as to who repairs it!
  3. Automobile technology is rapidly advancing, and you want to work with a collision repair facility that has invested in the most current equipment and training to return your vehicle to its former state; safely transporting you and your family down the road. Collision repair professionals should transparently explain how your vehicle will be repaired and what the costs associated with those repairs will be. Understand that they may not be willing to compromise on their repair approach because of the liability associated with improperly repairing vehicles. A written guarantee demonstrates that they stand behind their work.

Obviously, there are 14 months of tips, but this gives you an idea of the types of messaging we used, much of which was collected from input from our membership. Again, if you are interested in ordering these calendar’s with your associations logo and information custom imprinted into it, they are only $1.99 and can be ordered by clicking here:

Looking forward to promoting good consumer understanding of their rights with you!
Aaron Schulenburg
Executive Director | Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS)

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PO Box 346 Smyrna DE 19977

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