North State Custom v. Progressive

Many of you have been following Greg Coccaro and his case against Progressive Insurance for many years now. Aaron Schulenburg, SCRS Executive Director, was on the phone with him earlier today, and asked him about how it was going knowing that they had a trial date coming soon.

After many long years of battling for what he believed in, Greg has finally concluded that chapter, and has settled the case. As I am sure you can imagine, neither Greg nor Progressive can discuss the terms of the settlement (please don’t ask, because he will not be able to tell you), but it means that hopefully for the first time in years, Greg can relax and sleep better at night.

This was a case based on principle, and it was fought for the industry. It changed the face of many things, and opened a lot of eyes and most will probably never realize how much this one shop owner in New York really impacted their business for the better. We thought you all would like to know. If you get a chance, and you know Greg, drop him an email of quick congratulations.

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