MOTOR Guide To Estimating Pages Have Been Updated

MOTOR has just released the newest updated version of their Guide To Estimating (GTE) ( For anyone who writes estimates, it is critical to know the changes in the Guide. Some items of note:

Pg. G8 – OEM Component Replacement – some good language here when justifying operations relative to replacement of structural parts, corrosion protection, and identification of DV if proper procedures and repair aren’t followed.

G10 – In the Labor Time Premise : “Reported times include tube/paddled OEM caulking and seam sealer removal/application on welded replacement panels.” The word “removal” was not listed in the previous edition. Did your shop charge for removal of caulking and seam sealer on welded replaced parts? “Steering Angle Sensor recalibration” was also newly listed as a Non-Included operation.

All Bumper Categories were updated to reflect that Lamps (when mounted to bumper) are included, and Lamps (optional equipment, or not mounted to bumper) are not included.

Pg. G12 notes that Electrical wiring is not included in conventional Frame Replacement. (Also true for the Steering Column on Pg. G17)

Pg. G14 has added to the Fender Inner Panel that Grind, fill and smooth welded seams (up to 150 grit sandpaper) is an Included operation

Pg. 18 for Cowl, Hinge Pillar & Dash not includes Hinge pillar glass and moldings (also listed as included under UNISIDE/APERTURE/QUARTER PANEL sections on pg G22 and G23)

For unprimed component preparation time, see Unprimed Flexible Component Preparation on page G39.
• 25% of the component’s base refinish time • Maximum time allocation: 1.0 hours

• Removal of mold-release agents as outlined by manufacturer • Masking (if required) • Application of adhesion promoter DOES NOT INCLUDE:
• Correction of pre-existent surface imperfections • Material Costs

Your estimators should thoroughly review the new GTE Pages for a complete listing of all changes in the Guide. The above only summarizes some items of interest.

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