Learn How to Stay Legal in Your Shop

 Learn How to Stay Legal in Your Shop

Ray Gunder, Attorney Brent Geohagan, and Barrett Smith will be the presenters at a very special GCIA event on Saturday June, 23rd at 10:00 am. Location: MAADA Headquarters (click for directions).  Registration Form located at the bottom of this page.

The following is an overview of this special program:

The intent of this seminar is to provide information on legal basics including an overview of the much discussed processes involving the “Power of Attorney” and “Assignment of Proceeds” (aka Assignment of Benefits). Answers to attendee’s individual questions as to how it may benefit them, their business and their customers will be available along with other topics such as:

  • Understanding the Repairer’s Legal Responsibilities
  • Understanding the Customer’s Legal Responsibilities
  • Understanding the Insurer’s Legal Responsibilities
  • Understanding the difference between 1st and 3rd Party Claims for Repairers
  • Understanding Tortious Interference
  • Relationship Building Based upon Knowledge and Respect
  • Recognizing Legal Liabilities and How to Avoid Them and/or Channel Them to the Appropriate Parties
  • How to Turn Potential Liabilities into Significant Profits and Improve Your Bottom Line
  • Making your Repair Authorizations Legally Iron-Clad and Profitable
  • The Importance of Knowing and Understanding your State’s Laws and Regulations as They Relate to Your Business
  • Recognizing and Understanding “Unfair Trade Practices” and how to avoid them
  • Post Repair Inspections…A Quality Repairer’s Best Friend and a Poor Repairer’s Nightmare!
  • Understanding “Diminished Value” and its Benefits to Repairers and Their Customers
  • Understanding “Federal Anti-Trust Laws” and What Repairers Can and Cannot Discuss Openly Without Fear
  • Summary of the March 2012 CCRE Meeting held by the Pennsylvania Collision Trade Guild

This Seminar Will be Open to All Collision Repair Professionals and Industry Supporting Vendor Representatives. There is a fee of $25 (member/$35-non-member) per person to cover the cost of our very special presenters, lunch, and refreshments.  This may be the most important seminar you will attend all year.

Click here to Register today. Pay at the door – check or cash. Need to be invoiced, call Howard Batchelor at 770-367-9816.

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