Kia Motors Released First Comprehensive Collision Repair Manual

I-CAR is happy to inform you that Kia Motors has released its first comprehensive collision repair manual in the United States!

The manual for the 2011-2012 Kia Soul provides a wealth of information valuable to collision repair professionals. It includes body panel repair procedures, sectioning and attachment method instructions, seam sealer and corrosion protection information, body dimensions and plastic part repair instructions. You can find it at under Service Materials > Body Dimensions > 2011-2012 Soul (AM) Body Dimensions.

In the same section of the site, Kia has also posted repair manuals for the 2004-2009 Amanti, the 2007-2010 Rondo and the 2005-2009 Sportage that give details on unibody structure replacement procedures, seam sealer information and plastic part repair instructions. Dimension information for several other Kia vehicles is also available.

I-CAR has been encouraging Kia to publish more of its repair information in the United States for some time. So we’re proud to report that the Soul manual is among the most detailed and technician-friendly manuals we’ve seen from any manufacturer to date. We’d like to thank Kia for its efforts to provide this valuable information.

We look forward to updating you on other OEM collision repair information as it becomes available. I-CAR’s ongoing work as a linking pin between OEMs and the industry is just one aspect of our growing Repairability Technical Support Initiative to help collision repair professionals perform complete, safe and quality repairs.

Best regards,
Jason Bartanen
Director, Industry Technical Relations

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