June 25 CREW Webcast Presents: The CIC Story

From CollisionWeek

The June 25, 2013, CREW webcast, “The CIC Story,” is being presented on the 30th anniversary of the inception of the Collision Industry Conference. This CREW webcast tells the story of how the CIC got started, the many noteworthy events over the years, and CIC’s importance to the industry.

The CREW team welcomes as guests past CIC chairmen Al Estorga, Jeff Hendler, Chuck Sukala, Dale Delmage, and Michael Quinn, along with current CIC chair George Avery. These gentlemen will take viewers through CIC’s history, sharing their perspectives as leaders who have had the good fortune to guide the Collision Industry Conference. The CIC has been a conduit for communication and collaboration among all segments of the industry over the last 30 years, spurring positive growth and the evolution of technology, processes and standards that are driving the industry.

The presentation will begin at 11:00 Pacific time on June 25 at www.collisionweek.com/crew

The pre-recorded show is hosted by Vince Romans and Matt Ohrnstein, who passed away on April 30, and so begins with a message from the family of Matt Ohrnstein, a great man who has been an important icon in our industry for many years and for whom we express our gratitude and appreciation for his partnership in the CREW webcasts.

Future CREW webcasts will be available for viewing on the CollisionWeek website and will be available to all subscribers to CollisionWeek. Registered guests on the CollisionWeek website will be able to view the production on its broadcast day. Archived editions of webcasts are also available on the CREW website at http://www.crewwebcast.com, and are accessible to CREW sponsors and sponsor guests.

For information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Mary Jane Kurowski of The Romans Group at maryjane@romans-group.com

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