Ill-suited?: GMG Envirosafe experiment questions auto repair gear’s isocyanate protection

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GMG Envirosafe Chief Operations Officer Brandon Thomas has caught the attention of the auto body repair and personal protective equipment industries with an informal test that found isocyanates penetrating some common paint suits.

Thomas described the test as “very basic,” an effort to get a “quick glance” into the capabilities of six commercially available suits to protect against the hazardous chemicals, which are the building blocks for polyurethane products such as paint.

Test findings were presented last week at the Collision Industry Conference in Palm Springs, Calif.

A suit is tested for isocyanate penetrability by GMG Envirosafe. GMG has intentionally obscured the logo of the manufacturer in this image. (Provided by Brandon Thomas/GMG Envirosafe)

He found that five out of the six suits tested failed to protect completely against spray or spill isocyanates. Within those five, the amount of infiltrating isocyanates varied wildly.

Thomas wouldn’t say which suit made the cut and which five failed. The six suits were the DuPont M-5905, DeVilbiss 803599, SATA 530062w, SAS 6896, Shoot Suit 2005B, and XL 9062.

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