I-CAR Makes $200,000 Donation to Collision Repair Education Foundation

From CollisionWeek

I-CAR announced that on behalf of the Collision Repair Inter-Industry, it has donated $200,000 to the Collision Repair Education Foundation. The donation made by I-CAR is the largest monetary donation that the Collision Repair Education Foundation has received since its founding in 1991 and it will support the organization’s commitment to philanthropic and collision repair education activities that promote and enhance career opportunities in the industry.

In 2012, I-CAR committed to set aside $1 for every I-CAR class attended in 2012. In effect, this donation was made possible by the Inter-Industry that trained with I-CAR throughout 2012. In 2012, I-CAR delivered just under 200,000 “student units”, which equates to just under 600,000 credit hours of training. Due to the goodness of the cause, the I-CAR Board made the decision to round the donation to $200,000.

I-CAR plans to continue supporting the Inter-Industry by reinvesting in the community throughout 2013 and beyond. More information can be found on the I-CAR website, www.i-car.com.

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