I-CAR Launches New Interactive Aluminum-Intensive Vehicle Repair Training

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I-CAR announced the availability of its new, highly interactive live training course, Aluminum-Intensive Vehicle Repairs (ALI01).

This I-CAR course offers discussion, education, and decision-making exercises designed to equip collision repair professionals with the knowledge needed to repair aluminum-intensive vehicles. Throughout the course, students make repair procedure decisions on a simulated aluminum-intensive vehicle, exposing them to some of the considerations that they may be faced with on a regular day in their own collision repair facilities.

“Interactive learning in the classroom is an effective way to enhance the student’s experience and prepare them with the knowledge they need to make effective repair decisions,” Jason Bartanen, I-CAR Technical Director explained, “As aluminum-intensive vehicles continue to gain popularity due to their high-strength, light-weight nature, it is critical that technicians have an understanding of the unique considerations around working with aluminum structures.”

During the course, students will learn about the distinctive characteristics of aluminum and requirements for proper electrode wire and rivet-type and length selection. Additionally, anchoring and straightening considerations, removal and installation procedures, and attachment methods for different vehicles are identified.

ALI01 fulfills I-CAR ProLevel training requirements in the I-CAR Professional Development Program (PDP) for the Aluminum Structural Technician role and New Technology training requirements for the Steel Structural Technician role. In October, Aluminum Structural Technicians and shop owners following the PDP were contacted about ALI01 with information on how the new three credit hour course would be streamlined, meaning technicians will take three fewer courses and nine less credit hours in ProLevel 1. ALI01 is replacing content in four courses currently offered in the Aluminum Structural Technician role: SPA01, SPA02, PRA01, and SSA01.

These courses will remain available to the Aluminum Structural Technician through July 15, 2013, though I-CAR recommends taking the new ALI01 course whenever possible because it provides the most beneficial learning experience. Class registration is open and available on the I-CAR website, www.i-car.com.

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