I-CAR Education Foundation Seeks Support to Provide Student Safety Kits

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The Collision Repair Education Foundation is seeking the inter-industry’s support in helping to provide over 1,000 safety kits to collision students for their upcoming spring semester. The kits will include safety glasses, mechanic gloves, dust respirators, ear plugs, and a sponsored technician shirt. Industry organizations and members can participate either through $100 pledges or in-kind product donations of the items listed above, both tax-deductible through the Collision Repair Education Foundation.

Companies who have already pledged product donations and/or spring technician shirt sponsorship include: Bar’s Products/Rislone, Chrysler School of Technical Training, Honeywell, I-CAR, Mac Tools, MCR Safety, PPG Automotive Refinish, SAS Safety, and Summit Racing.

Collision students who apply for a spring 2013 student scholarship/tool grant through the Collision Repair Education Foundation will be the first to be provided a complimentary safety kit and technician shirt. Scholarship and tool grant information will be available through the Collision Repair Education Foundation’s website after the New Year.

Those schools who applied for the Education Foundation’s 2012 Ultimate Collision Education Makeover school grant will be provided additional safety kits and technician shirts for their students.

Visit www.CollisionEducationFoundation.org to make $100 tax-deductible donations by December 21, 2012 or contact Brandon Eckenrode at 847.463.5244 or Brandon.Eckenrode@ed-foundation.org regarding safety product donations and/or technician shirt sponsorship.

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