I-CAR Announces 2013 Vehicle Technology Training Course

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With the 2013 Auto Show season approaching and soon-to-be-released vehicle technologies entering the marketplace, consumers are making decisions on which vehicles they might choose as their “next new car.”

I-CAR announced the premier of its newest Live training course, Vehicle Technology and Trends 2013 (NEW13). This course provides a look at what automotive technology is becoming coming mainstream, as well as important “must know” information for correctly repairing these new technologies.

According to Automotive News, there will be over 200 new or significantly changed vehicle models announced through 2015, thus making the need for advanced training on vehicle-specific repair techniques essential.

The course reviews the latest vehicles and technology trends that impact the repair process, including structural design changes, and new materials, electronics and systems throughout the vehicle. Interactive elements with an expert instructor allow students to receive answers to questions that impact their day-to-day jobs.

Jason Bartanen, I-CAR Technical Director said, “The Vehicle Technology and Trends 2013 course is a unique training experience for students. In addition to focusing on new vehicles and technologies, NEW13 builds an understanding of how the economy, government mandates, and vehicle design principles are working together to rapidly change vehicles of the future,” he continued, “Ultimately being able to identify the new technologies found on North American, Asian, and European vehicles for model year 2013 makes this course extremely useful for the Inter-Industry.”

More information and registration are available on the I-CAR website at www.i-car.com or by calling Customer Care at 800.422.7872.

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