Honda Releases 2016 HR-V Body Repair Information

From CollisionWeek News

American Honda has released body repair information for its 2016 HR-V crossover. The Honda Body Repair News publication provides a summary of new body and vehicle technologies of interest to the collision repair industry.

The publication includes sections on:

  • New Model Body Technology
  • Body Repair Information
  • Welding Precautions and Information
  • Airbag System Components and Repairs
  • Electrical Repair Information

According to the publication, the 2016 HR-V structure features extensive use of high and ultra-high-strength steel, including 27 percent in grades of 780, 980, and 1,500 MPa. The document provides diagrams detailing the locations of various strengths steels.

The vehicle may also be equipped with Honda’s Lane Watch system to detect objects in the driver’s blind spot. The system includes cameras mounted in the side view mirrors that require special tools to  aim following mirror and door panel removal or replacement. Collision repairers can contact a Honda dealer for assistance with the procedure.

The 2016 HR-V Body Repair News can be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat file.

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