Georgia Auto Repair Tax Bill Still Alive

Georgia House Bill 388, which aims to create a sales tax on services of many small businesses, is still alive in the Georgia Legislature. The bill, if passed, would be devastating to the automotive service industry. ASA and the GCIA opposes this legislation.

Despite the fact that no action was taken on Georgia H.B. 388 before the Georgia Legislature adjourned, the legislation will come back up early next year.

The following is from a recent article about the issue in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper:

Legislative staffers are busy this summer poring over mounds of new data in an effort to restart an overhaul of the state’s tax system that ended in disaster earlier this year. But a lingering distrust of the process leading to the collapse of the plan means such an overhaul is likely off the agenda for a special redistricting session slated for August.

House Speaker David Ralston, R-Blue Ridge, also said a tax overhaul will not be part of the special session in August, but “we will be ready by January.”

Read the full AJC article – click here.

ASA and the GCIA is asking Georgia independent automotive repairers and consumers to contact their respective representatives in opposition to the legislation. Click here to write your representative today. Read a Letter to the Editor from a concerned citizen. Use it to draft your own version of a Letter to the Editor. We need to make sure our representatives hear our concerns while they are studying this issue during the summer and fall of 2011.

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