GCIA Selects NABR to Conduct Labor Rate Survey


Georgia Collision Industry Association (GCIA) Selects National AutoBody Research (NABR) To Launch VRS Labor Rate Survey in Georgia

For the second consecutive year, NABR conducts the labor rate survey for GCIA, leveraging its innovative Variable Rate System technology to produce real-time survey results that show the true, market-based labor rate ranges in Georgia.

TUCSON, ARIZONA, JUNE 23, 2015 – Today, in partnership with the Georgia Collision Industry Association (GCIA), National AutoBody Research (NABR) announces the launch of the GCIA VRS Labor Rate Survey in the state of Georgia. Georgia shops can access the free survey online from either the GCIA website or the NABR website. The survey is available 24 hours a day for the next full year and will take shops less than 10 minutes to complete.

As repair shops complete the free online survey, NABR’s VRS technology automatically calculates the range of market-based rates for several labor rates including body, paint, frame, aluminum, mechanical labor, paint & material rates, and more.

“Because we use the VRS technology to power our survey, the GCIA Labor Rate Survey is real-time and continuously available online 24-7-365,” said Howard Batchelor, Executive Director for GCIA. “This enables shops to impact the prevailing market rate ranges immediately whenever their labor rates change. For example, when a shop receives a cost increase from their paint supplier, they can raise their rates accordingly to maintain their profitability, submit the new rate to the survey, and the VRS instantly recalculates the market labor rate using the new data.”

“NABR is very excited to work with GCIA again,” said Sam Valenzuela, President of NABR. “They’ve recognized the value of the VRS survey technology and online tools to help Georgia shops price their labor both competitively and profitably, in the context of their market area, quality, and cost of doing business.”

Beyond taking the labor rate survey, all Georgia shops have the opportunity to request a free demo of the VRS online toolset, to make an informed, educated decision about using it in their own business.

In addition to Georgia, VRS Labor Rate Surveys are currently active in several other states including Florida, Idaho, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas, with more states coming soon, including Indiana and California.

About Georgia Collision Industry Association (GCIA)
Formed in 1998, GCIA seeks to promote professionalism and consumer awareness of the automotive collision repair industry in the state of Georgia. GCIA believes the auto collision repairer is an honorable profession that requires a high level of expertise and knowledge to perform, and its members take pride in repairing vehicles right the first time.

GCIA empowers its members through access to training, education and industry information, as well as a collection of benefits available to members.

To learn more about GCIA, or to join the association, please contact:
Howard Batchelor
Executive Director, GCIA
howard@gcia.org – http://gcia.org/

About National AutoBody Research (NABR)
NABR is a research and technology company committed to restoring the free market for labor rate pricing in the automobile collision repair industry. Through its innovative Variable Rate System (VRS) technology, NABR provides both insurers and collision repair shops the tools they need to understand the competitive labor rates for any shop in any market. Shops can understand their cost of doing business, and calculate appropriate labor rates for their individual shop to earn a fair,
reasonable, and sufficient profit.

With labor rate data from shops nationwide, NABR built the industry’s first and only independent, third party, and objective source of real-time, national labor rate data, making the VRS the collision repair industry standard for market based labor rates.

To inquire about the VRS System, or to sponsor a survey for your state, please contact:
Sam Valenzuela
President, National AutoBody Research

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