GCIA January 17th Meeting Recap

The meeting began with the reading of our antitrust statement. We then discussed several events that we are working on. They are as follows:

The 7th Annual GCIA Labor and Material Rate survey will begin in late February. We will be mailing out a notice to over 700 shops in the metro Atlanta area with the link to our on-line survey. We have asked each shop to input their posted labor rate and not any DRP rates.

We reviewed the new Toyota Predicative Estimating program. Pete Friedland from Southeast Toyota and Rick Leos from Toyota Motor Sales were in attendance and gave the audience a brief overview of the new program. This is a game changer for the industry and we hope other OEM’s create their own programs.

Jerry Poirier with Farmers Insurance

Jerry Poirier with Farmers Insurance

Insurance gave an update on what the GA I-CAR committee is working on. He discussed a car show that they are working on and a golf tournament that they are putting together later this year.

Steve Plier from the Alabama Automotive Repair Industry Society of Excellence was in attendance and discussed a Multi-State Industry Conference to be held on April 26 & 27 in Biloxi, MS. Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia will be attending to discuss issues that are affecting our industry. We are hoping to have Aaron Schulenburg, from SCRS, Ray Gunder, his Attorney Brent Koehagan and Erica Eversman there to give presentation to educate the industry.

We also mentioned our March 21st meeting with Liz Stein from Assured Performance Network to talk about their certification programs and rebate programs. We will also have Georgia Attorney Kent Eichelzer in attendance to answer questions regarding assignment of proceeds, power of attorney, and many other legal issues affecting our industry.

Dale Sailer with PartsTrader presenting at the January GCIA meeting

Dale Sailer with PartsTrader

Dale Sailer, VP of Business Development for Parts Trader gave a presentation on the Parts Trader program. Mr. Sailer explained how they got to where they are and how they came to work with State Farm. He also explained the “Core Principals” that Parts Trader lives by. He explained that repairers choose what OE’s to invite to quote on parts. He also said that shops can choose who to order from and when to order. He went on to say that PT would not share the prices with insurers. Dale showed a live demonstration of how shops would use the program and then how suppliers used the program. Dale answered many question from the audience, but when it came to State Farm’s mandate, Dale could not answer those questions. Parts Trader is a very good program, but the way State Farm has mandated that shops use it or they will no longer be on Selective Service has aggravated many shops. We will see how the program rolls out when the pilot has ended in Chicago, IL.

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