Free I-CAR Webinar on Aluminum Intensive Repairs

From CollisionWeek

Jeff Poole, Performance Training Coordinator for I-CAR, will delve into several of the important considerations around repairing aluminum-intensive vehicles in a free webinar on April 24 being hosted by the Refinish Distributors Alliance (RDA), a jobber group with 180 locations in 27 states.

The webinar will provide information of interest to shop owners, repair technicians, and anyone making repair decisions related to aluminum vehicles.

Poole will show how the distinctive characteristics of aluminum require different repair considerations. He will discuss proper electrode wire and rivet type and length selection, straightening considerations, removal and installation procedures, and attachment methods among differing vehicles.

The webinar will begin at 2:00 Eastern time on Wednesday April 24 and will last approximately 40 minutes. Immediately following the presentation, Automotive Training Coordinators will give a 10 minute presentation on how they can help shops minimize the expense of I-CAR Training.

The Refinish Distributors Alliance (RDA) markets under the IMPACT Solutions brand. To register for the webinar, contact your nearest RDA jobber at

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