Florida Shop Reports More Success in Legal Battles with Insurer

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Ray Gunder, owner of Gunder’s Auto Center in Lakeland, Florida reported that State Farm has elected to settle another lawsuit over unpaid items on a collision repair invoice. Upon receipt of a Complaint and Civil Remedy Notice from the court, State Farm elected to pay the full demands to settle a law suit levied against them by Ray Gunder on behalf of a Gunder’s Auto Center’s Customer.

According to Gunder, the suit was filed after State Farm denied payment for “a plethora of recommended and necessary repair procedures and materials” on a repair last October. With a signed Power of Attorney, Ray Gunder filed suit against the insurer with the authorization of his customer.

In January, State Farm agreed to settle the suit in order to avoid “protracted, vexatious litigation” and the insurer paid Gunder’s the disputed amount plus interest, as required by Florida law. The settlement amount of $1,090 covered a list of repair charges that State Farm previously refused to pay including remove and install sound pads in trunk floor, second color set-up, refinish underside of floor; mask hinges (jambs), color sand and buff, feather prime and block, additional paint and materials, and a series of other items. The company said the payment is not an admission of any wrongdoing or liability.

Gunder stated, “I am elated that State Farm has chosen to step up and pay what was due our customer and that State Farm elected to settle rather than proceed with a long drawn-out and costly litigation.

Gunder said he still has three active lawsuits pending against the insurer.

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