DEG Reports on “Raw Bumpers” in Estimating Systems

Raw Plastic Preparation

Anyone familiar with automotive refinishing will tell you that “it’s all in the preparation”, and that the specific procedures for pre-refinish surface preparation vary as a function of the material being refinished (eg. metal vs. plastic), as well as the condition of the surface of that material (eg. raw vs. pre-primed). There appears to be universal agreement that the proper preparation of raw plastic parts, as compared with primed plastic parts, involves additional labor and materials.

If refinishing a raw plastic part requires additional labor and materials, it logically follows that the repair estimate/invoice should ideally reflect this unique labor and materials. Until recently and for several reasons, this has been a difficult undertaking. First, there has been uncertainty as to which specific plastic parts are shipped raw and which are shipped primed. Second, until recently the estimating information providers did not provide logic enabling the automated calculation of this additional refinish labor. The result was that raw plastic preparation had to be determined on a case by case basis and then manually calculated, often resulting in ongoing friction between repairers and insurers.

The Database Task Force has been interacting with the information providers for several years now on this topic in pursuit of automation of Raw Plastic Prep within the estimating platforms. It thoroughly researched the subject in 2009 and published a matrix detailing the shipped condition of the majority of bumper covers. That information is readily available within the DEG website. At this time some of the information providers have addressed this issue within their estimating platforms. This article has the purpose of summarizing how each information provider presently addresses raw plastic preparation.

Download the full report – click here.

About the Database Enhancement Gateway

The DATABASE ENHANCEMENT GATEWAY is an initiative which enables those who use collision repair estimating databases to provide feedback to the Information Providers in an effort to promote data accuracy. DEG resources include an easy‐to‐use website and inquiry form, dedicated administration of inquiries, and a current database of both pending and resolved data inquiries for the major Information Providers. The DEG is created, equally funded and maintained by the Automotive Service Association (ASA), the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP) and the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS).

One Response to DEG Reports on “Raw Bumpers” in Estimating Systems

  • This is why the collision industry is in the shape that it is in. Toyota issued a bulletin on raw plastic preparation and determine the warranty time to be 1.2 to prep the cover. Shops who knew how to charge for this service were collecting the necessary amount as required. Then the DEG steps in and lo and behold the info providers generously suggest the bible time to be .6 or .7. Wow… and our industry thinks they won something. All the DEG did was undermine those of us who were collecting the proper amount and now we face an uphill battle to collect the full amount for something we had been collecting before.


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