DEG Launches Redesigned Website

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The Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) announced the launch of a newly redesigned website, located at The redesigned site provides new features to enhance the end-user’s experience on the site. The functions of submitting an inquiry and viewing previous inquiries are still active, central components of the website, but the new design produces a better visual experience and allows the DEG to communicate more frequently with the industry about database related issues.

The most significant website addition is the display of a “Top 10 List” of macro-level issues for each of the three estimating platforms. In contrast with DEG inquiries that are typically year/make/model-specific, these lists are populated by end-user input reflecting enhancements users would like to see addressed within each estimating product.

Each estimating system has its own set of estimating guides or p-pages which have always been available on the DEG website. With the redesign, the DEG is now providing links to these guides on its home page, allowing visitors easy access to these guides.

Also with the new design, users will also have the ability to receive Tweets about new and previous inquiries by following @thedegweb.

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