OEM vs Aftermarket

If aftermarket auto parts are as good as OEM auto parts, then why are auto insurance companies prohibited from installing them on current and prior year model motor vehicles?

Most Auto Insurance Policy Holders are under the assumption that if involved in an auto accident requiring auto body repairs, their Insurance Company will repair their vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.

Unfortunately, this generally is not the case. Most likely, your car will not be repaired with all original OEM parts. Instead, Aftermarket body parts (if available) will be used. If you decide that you prefer to have OEM parts used to repair your vehicle, you will be expected to pay the difference because this is what you agreed to when you signed your Auto Insurance Policy.

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  • David Black says:

    Our car (2014) was hit by someone else in a parking lot and the other person did report it and admits fault. The problem is the body shops are telling me I have to get an appraisal from the other persons insurance company and the insurance company will tell them how to proceed. The driver side door might be able to be fixed with a skin or heavy body work. The passenger door probably can be fixed with minimum body work. I have requested that OEM (two doors) be used and no body work be done other than the necessary labor to remove the damaged doors. Any necessary work to paint the vehicle would also have to be included. Do I have any legal ground to stand on that they have to return our vehicle back to it’s original condition that does not include what I call patch work?

    They are also telling me I have to make an appointment at one of their approved locations and the first available time is this Thursday at 8:30 AM (today is Monday). I told them they need to meet me at my place of choosing (home) and they refuse. I live in Georgia.

    Thank you for your feed back

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