Nissan Positions

Nissan Collision Position Statements
20 June 2016

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  • Use of Non-OEM Parts Reference: NPSB-16-594
  • Nissan Wheel Repair Reference: NPSB-16-595
  • Bumper Fascia Replacement with Sonar Reference: NPSB-16-596
  • Radar Recalibration Post-Repair Reference: NPSB-16-597
  • Use of Salvage (Recycled) Parts Reference: NPSB-16-598
  • Unibody/Structural Repair Procedures Reference: NPSB-16-599
  • Around View® Monitor Calibration Reference: NPSB-16-600
  • Seat Belt Replacement Reference: NPSB-16-601
  • Steering Angle Sensor Reset Operation Reference: NPSB-16-602
  • Power Window Servicing Post-Repair Reference: NPSB-16-603
  • Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning Reference: NPSB-16-604
  • Use of Salvaged Airbags Reference: NPSB-16-605
  • Glass Replacement Reference: NPSB-16-606