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FOR RELEASE: October 3, 2016
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Latest “Who Pays for What” survey focuses on shop billing and insurer payment practices for aluminum repair, shop supplies

The final “Who Pays for What?” survey for 2016 is now under way, this time asking shops about their aluminum repair labor rates, and which of more than 20 shop supplies they bill for and are paid by insurers. The survey is open through the end of October, and can be accessed by clicking below:

The series of four different surveys each year are conducted by CRASH Network and Collision Advice. Newly-released data from the “Who Pays for What?” frame and mechanical labor survey conducted in July shows that although more than 30 percent of shops surveyed said they are paid “always,” or “most of the time” for the labor to protect open fuel or air conditioning lines to prevent contamination, almost two-thirds of shops said they never have included a charge for these “not-included” operations on an invoice when the procedures needed to be done.

“This is something you have to do, something the automakers call for,” Mike Anderson of Collision Advice said. “These numbers make me wonder if shops aren’t protecting these lines when they need to, or if they just aren’t thinking about charging for it. They need to ensure technicians are doing it, even if the shop chooses not to get paid for it, so these systems don’t get contaminated.”

More than 750 shops from around the country participated in the July “Who Pays for What?” survey, and many reported being paid more regularly to perform some of the “not-included” repair operations compared to the same survey a year ago. The 32 percent of shops who reported this year being paid to “protect open air conditioning lines” was a 7.6 percentage point increase from last year.

“Participating in the surveys can be a good reminder of ‘not-included’ operations your shop is performing so you can decide whether to include them as line items on your estimates,” Anderson said.

Each of the four unique surveys explores a different area of shop operations. Previous surveys examined “Who Pays for What?” in terms of body labor, frame/mechanical labor, and refinish operations.

The current survey focuses on aluminum repair labor rates, as well as about two dozen shop supply items, asking how frequently shops are paid for each by the eight largest auto insurers in the country.

Survey participants will receive a 60-page report with complete survey findings, broken down by region, insurer and DRP vs. non-DRP, at no charge. The report also includes analysis and resources to help shops better understand and use the information presented.

Anderson said the survey, which will take about 15-30 minutes, should be completed by the shop owner, manager or estimator who is most familiar with the shop’s billing practices and the payment practices of the largest national insurers. Each shop’s individual responses are held in the strictest confidence and are not released in any way; only cumulative data is released.

The results of previous surveys are also available online (

Collision Advice ( is an independent training and consulting firm featuring some of the most respected and experienced experts in the collision repair industry. CRASH Network ( is a subscription newsletter offering news and information not available from other industry sources.

Take the NEW 2016 Body Labor Operations Survey

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Take the NEW 2016 Body Labor Operations Survey
Welcome to the latest “Who Pays For What?” survey, conducted quarterly by Collision Advice and CRASH Network.

Your Privacy: Your shop’s individual responses will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be released in any way. Only cumulative data – regional and national – will be released.

Who should complete the survey? The survey should be completed by the shop owner, manager or estimator who is most familiar with your shop’s billing practices and the payment practices of the largest national insurers.

What about multiple shop locations? Each individual shop location (whether a stand-alone business or part of a multi-shop operation) may submit one response to each quarterly survey.

Do not have multiple people from one location complete the survey. For multiple locations of your business, have each location complete its own survey, or identify each location with a distinct and verifiable city or zip code.

How long will it take? The survey will take about 20-30 minutes to complete.  Click here for a sample of the types of questions you will be asked in this survey. If you would like to download the question set for review prior to beginning the survey click here. Take the Survey here.

Will I get the results? The only contact information you need to provide is your state and zip code to complete the survey. However, those who provide additional contact information (including a valid email address) will be notified directly as soon as the results are available.

Questions? Please do not use the comment boxes for any questions or requests to which you would like to receive a response. Instead, email us directly with your questions to or

Thank you for your participation!