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Take Control Of Your Shop Meeting in Fort Washington PA


Would you be interested in hearing details of what is occurring nationally by repairers in an effort to control their business and make sure quality and safety is the focus? If you are interested and would attend a function on Saturday September 20, 2014, to hear the details contact Ron Perretta 814‐931‐7669 ( today.

Details presented will include discussions of legal actions by repairers in the states of Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, Indiana, Utah and Louisiana plus additional states joining the Multi District Litigation against the nation’s largest insurance companies and discussions about the Louisiana Attorney General’s action against the nation’s largest property and casualty insurance company.

Location: Holiday Inn Fort Washington Pa. Let Ron Perretta 814‐931‐7669 know today so plans can be finalized.

Learn More: Go to and‐an‐insurance‐company/dishonest‐insurance‐practices/ to listen and read more.

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State Farm Ordered to Pay Georgia Woman for Breach of Contract and Bad Faith

State Farm Ordered to Pay Georgia Woman for Breach of Contract and Bad Faith

From BodyShop Business

A Georgia state court has ordered State Farm to pay their policyholder $40,508 after a jury found the insurer had breached its contract and acted in bad faith.

The suit stemmed from the insurer’s denials and underpayment of approximately $4,000 in the costs for repairs being performed by Hernandez Collision Center in Savannah, Ga.; the shop was a witness in the case. The judgment included $5,508 for breach of contract, $5,000 as a bad faith penalty and $30,000 in attorney’s fees for a total verdict of $40,508.

“It’s refreshing to see the results in this case and know that a jury of our peers awarded Mrs. Roberts for the hardship caused by her insurer,” said April Hernandez, AAM of Hernandez Collision. “While Hernandez Collision Center gladly works with all insurers, our responsibility is to our customers to ensure all damages to their vehicle are repaired properly and thoroughly. We feel it is also our professional responsibility and moral obligation to help customers like Mrs. Roberts when they’re treated unfairly. We congratulate Mrs. Roberts on her courage and conviction and are thankful that we could help her in this endeavor.”

PartsTrader Costs “$800 in Unseen Business a Month” Says Michigan Parts Wholesaler

By Melanie Anderson

Autobody News

Tom Kellogg—the wholesale director for the Zeigler Automotive Group’s 13 franchises in Grandville, MI—has been using PartsTrader the past several months as one of the first test markets in State Farm’s PartsTrader program.

Kellogg has been with Zeigler since 2003 and in the industry since 1975. He says he wishes programs like PartsTrader would just go away.

“We all know that PartsTrader isn’t the greatest thing out there,” said Kellogg. “I don’t know what I am going to do to stop it, because from what I understand, it’s pretty much here to stay. We’ve got to figure out how to work around it. Not enough writing was done on it. It’s just going to be the pathway of all things in the future to come. It’s PartsTrader today, and tomorrow it’s going to parts for you, parts for them, and pretty soon there’s a plethora of third-party people involved in our business,” he said.
“The ‘beautiful part’ is they are going to allow me to do business with the same people I’ve been doing business with for the past 10 years and there’s a fee. I don’t know how that’s better for me. So far, I can’t get anything out of PartsTrader or CollisionLink/OE Connection because they are under a non-disclosure agreement,” Kellogg added.

Kellogg is unhappy with how PartsTrader has affected his business.

“It’s absolutely terrible. It gets me very small visibility. We are a multi-program dealer. I deal with wholesale parts. It’s imperative I see the entire estimate. I can’t see the entire estimate the way PartsTrader works, and so far they haven’t been too keen on my suggestions on how to become more visible. We just want to be 100% visible. We want every opportunity to sell our parts.”

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PartsTrader Costs “$800 in Unseen Business a Month” Says Michigan Parts Wholesaler


Chicagoland Suppliers Resisting PartsTrader

By Kristen Hampshire, BodyShop Business

On Sept. 17, 2012, State Farm announced that the pilot program for PartsTrader was being expanded to Chicago, and collision repairers would start actively using it in December. In short order, they reported that 475 of 477 Select Service repairers in Chicago had registered for the program. Today, State Farm says all 477 have now signed up. But supplier participation is another story.

More than a few repairers are reporting that many suppliers are actively resisting PartsTrader. One shop reported that State Farm sent it a letter indicating only 48 percent of its suppliers had completed the registration process. The insurer says 266 suppliers of all part types to date are participating in PartsTrader.

“Data provided by PartsTrader suggests Chicago suppliers that are actively participating in the quoting process are generating more parts orders overall than those who have opted to only receive fax orders,” said George Avery, claims consultant with State Farm.

And as roll-out continues, Avery says that PartsTrader data also suggests repairers are shifting to participating suppliers from fax-only suppliers.

One repairer says PartsTrader has been shutting down its fax service at 5 p.m. Then, at 8:30 a.m., the fax machine is spitting out pages of parts orders that had been entered via PartsTrader at 3 p.m. the day before. He said PartsTrader has stated the fax service will end in 2014. He also said it seems PartsTrader is “punishing” dealers that have chosen the fax route. Evidence, he claims, is listing one of the largest Chrysler dealers in the area as an Isuzu/Suzuki dealer.

“That took several phone calls to change, and who knows if it will change back?” he said.

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