American Honda Expands Initiative to Help Reach Honda and Acura Customers for Airbag Recall

Date:                     August 26, 2016

To:                          Select Collision Industry Associations, Leaders and Colleagues

From:                    Gary Ledoux / American Honda

Subject:               Airbag Recall

We’re hopeful that you can help us get the word out about something.

While the Takata airbag inflator recalls affecting over 25 automotive brands in the United States have received a good amount of attention over the last few years, many affected vehicles have not yet been repaired, and we’re doing our best to encourage owners of recalled Honda and Acura vehicles to seek free repairs as soon as possible.

As part of that effort, you may recall that, in October 2015, we created and distributed Takata airbag inflator recall awareness posters tailored toward independent mechanical repair shops, collision repair shops and auto parts stores. The response to this effort was, frankly amazing, with over

120,000 posters distributed to independent shops across the country, and we greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone involved.

Since the time of that original initiative, the Takata airbag inflator recalls have expanded to include more models and model years, and we are now preparing to distribute updated posters that reflect the latest information. In the coming days, independent mechanical repair shops, collision repair shops, and auto parts sales personnel will start receiving the September issues of the following magazines: Brake & Front End, Import Car, Underhood Service, Tire Review, BodyShop Business, and Counterman.

Inside each issue will be a fold-out poster showing all affected Honda and Acura vehicles along with a phone number and websites (see below) where vehicle VINs can be checked for their recall status.

As with the original poster, shops and stores are encouraged to post the information where technicians, collision estimators, service managers, service writers, parts sales personnel, and customers can see them. When any of the affected models are encountered, shops are encouraged to check the vehicle’s VIN to see if the recall has been performed and if not, strongly encourage our mutual customer, the Honda or Acura owner, to immediately arrange a FREE repair at their local dealer.

Using the VIN, anyone can check a Honda or Acura vehicle’s recall status by going to, or by calling (888) 234-2138. More detailed information about Honda’s efforts surrounding the Takata airbag inflator recalls can also be found here:

If you have any questions for attribution in a story about the posters or Honda’s overall recall efforts, please feel free to contact Chris Martin in Honda Public Relations at

Thank you in advance for your help spreading this news!

Best Regards,

Gary Ledoux – Assistant National Manager American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Collision Parts Marketing

ProFirst Administrator

Tel: 310-783-2818

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