Labor Rate Survey

The 2017 Georgia Collision Industry Labor & Material Rates Survey is available now. Your participation is needed and appreciated. 

Before you take the survey this year, please read the message below.

GCIA is using National AutoBody Research (NABR) to conduct the survey, using their Variable Rate System (VRS) technology. The survey uses continuous surveying and reporting, not just once per quarter or year or longer.  The survey is always on, so you can come back any time, many times, to report your new retail rates any time your prices change for any reason.

We have three goals for shops taking the survey.

1) Gather current labor rates.

Many shops have taken the survey every year since we began, which is excellent, yet many shops have not participated. So please take the survey.

As a reminder, take the survey any time your labor rates change or you have new equipment or certifications to report.

2) Use the right rates for the survey.

Remember, the rate used for the survey is your Retail rate, also known as your posted rate, door rate, or walk-in rate. It is not your DRP rate, wholesale rate, discounted rate, or the “prevailing rate” that insurers say they pay in your area (because those rates include DRP prices). Please enter only your retail or posted rate.

3) Participate in the VRS program.

After you take the survey, we encourage you to subscribe to the Variable Rate System (VRS), which gives you the tools to help you collect the right rates for your shop.

Visit to request a free, no-obligation demo of the VRS or to subscribe.

Thank you for taking the GCIA VRS Labor Rate Survey today!

We encourage all Georgia shops to participate by taking time to complete the survey.

If you have any questions about the GCIA, or the GCIA Labor Rate Survey, we encourage you to please contact our Executive Director, Michelle Coombs, 770-623-6300 or email to


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      Jodell – sorry for the delay in replying. The company that does our survey now does it in real time. They/we don’t keep past years as it is always ongoing. Once a shop completes the GCIA / VRS Labor Rate Survey online, its rates are immediately entered into the VRS system, and the Prevailing Market Rate Ranges (PMRR’s) are computed in real time for the entire State of Georgia and the 3 Regions (Northern, Central, Southern). Hope this helps answer your question.

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