2012 Status Report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

SCRS Asks, “Is New Vehicle Technology Endangering Your Business?”

Kim Hazelbaker of HLDI to preset a free RDE session at 2012 SEMA Show

According to some in the popular press, the age of autonomous vehicles is almost here and they promise a crash-free future. The question for many in the industry is whether a roadway filled with self driving cars is really that close, and what will that mean for repair businesses that would be impacted by a speculated decline in vehicle damage occurrences?

To help decipher what the emerging trends in vehicle technology are, and how those vehicle design features will truly impact the industry, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) has announced that it will be hosting an additional Repairer Driven Education (RDE) session at the SEMA Show this fall. The session, Is New Vehicle Technology Endangering Your Business?, will be presented from 10:00am to 12:00pm on Tuesday, October 30th, by Kim Hazelbaker, Senior Vice President of the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI).

This session, which will be free to all pre-registered attendees will look at the current state of vehicle advancements, both crashworthiness and crash avoidance technologies. Through extensive use of crash test video and real world results, Mr. Hazelbaker will outline what is state of the art in safety today and how it is rapidly changing. Using timelines for the adoption of other automotive technologies, he will suggest what the pace of change may be in the future. If you are concerned about how existing and future technologies could potentially decrease the amount of repair work entering into the market, you won’t want to miss this interesting and informative update on vehicle technology.

“SCRS understands that the industry gathers at annual events like SCRS’ RDE series and the SEMA Show to acquire information that can help them run their business and forecast how they need to adapt to remain relevant,” stated SCRS Executive Director Aaron Schulenburg. “The dramatic pace at which we are seeing new technology, and understanding the impact that technology has on our businesses, is perhaps one of the most critical pieces of information our members need to ensure the success of their businesses. We are thrilled that we could partner with Mr. Hazelbaker and his well respected organization to develop a customized presentation that spoke to such a critical industry topic.”

HLDI is a private non-profit organization that gathers, processes, and publishes insurance data concerned with the human and economic losses associated with owning and operating motor vehicles, and the HLDI database currently holds the insurance records of more than 150 million individual vehicles. As Senior Vice President, Mr. Hazelbaker has a leadership role in all aspects of HLDI’s mission, having served the organization for twenty-five years, initially joining as Director of Statistical Analysis.

A complete listing of the RDE sessions can be found at www.semashow.com/scrs. Headline presentations on Tuesday and Thursday of the SEMA Show are brought to you thanks to contributions and support from SEMA, PPG, GM Genuine Parts and BASF.

Read the full 2012 Status Report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety – click here.

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